See Dragons And Fairies At The Children’s Museum Of Houston

The Dragons And Fairies exhibit, currently on display at the Children’s Museum Of Houston, can offer family-friendly insights into folklore and cultural traditions for your kids! The collection is based around Vietnamese folk tales, with their lessons helping visitors understand more about this country, and the values reflected in these enduring stories. The exhibit is set to run from the beginning of the year until the end of May. Your kids can thrive when they have access to quality learning experiences. Of course, they also benefit from quality health care – make sure they enjoy the kind of important oral health care provided during routine dental exams! Your Houston, TX dentist’s office welcomes young patients for pediatric smile treatment.


The Dragons And Fairies exhibit is set to run from January 2 through May 31.


The Children’s Museum Of Houston is located at 1500 Binz Street, Houston, TX.


Individual tickets are $12. Children under the age of one can be admitted at no cost.

Activities Include:

Four distinct folk tales from Vietnam form the basis of the Dragons And Fairies exhibit at the Children’s Museum Of Houston. By exploring these stories, and their meanings, visitors can learn more about Vietnam.

For More Information:

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