3 Simple Changes That Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Preventing oral health issues can seem like a simple enough responsibility. You take the time to brush your teeth, and floss, and try not to overindulge in sugary, sweet foods and drinks, and as a result, your risk for decay is lowered. The process of preventing smile trouble can be straightforward, but unfortunately, patients still find themselves in need of help with cavities and gum disease. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can support you during regular dental exams, which include a professional teeth cleaning. You still need to do your part between those visits – with a few smart changes, you can improve your smile care routine.

1. Reevaluate Your Brushing And Flossing Habits

If you are concerned about the health of your smile after experiencing an oral health issue, take time to reevaluate your dental care strategy. You should be brushing at least two times a day. Every time you brush, you should dedicate least two minutes to the process, and reach every part of your teeth. Flossing is also something you need to take care of on a daily basis. Flossing is most effective when you are consistent, and when you move the string enough to clear away bacteria at your gum line – this protects you against periodontal problems.

2. Choose Water Over Soft Drinks When You Enjoy A Meal

A simple change from soft drinks to water can make meals healthier for your smile. This reduces your sugar intake, while also making it easier to wash away food particles that might stick to teeth when you eat. Your diet soft drinks may lack sugar, but note that they can still cause problems due to their acidity. Dark colas also pose a problem for teeth stains, which can call for a teeth whitening procedure to fully address.

3. Plan Healthy Snacks At Home, And Avoid The Vending Machine

Your choices between meals may account for more smile trouble than you realize. If your regular snack at work is something you procure from your vending machine, consider replacing it with a healthy snack brought from home. You can select a lower calorie option that provides you with the energy you need, while taking less of a toll on your oral health.

Talk To Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics About Improving Your Oral Health

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