Cerec Restorations

Technology is changing our everyday lives, and this is also true in dentistry. Our office is using a new instrument for crowns, veneers and inlays call Cerec. Using this technology, we take a picture of the prepared tooth with a specialized camera. The crown or other restoration is designed to fit the tooth using a powerful computer right at the chair side. The restoration is milled robotically from a block of dental porcelain in less than 30 minutes.

The finished crown or inlay is seated at the same appointment, and we are done. No gooey impression, no temporary crown, no returning in 3 weeks for the final crown. While not all crowns can be done this way, the Cerec technology can be used in the majority of cases. Dr. Nauert can tell you if a Cerec, one appointment crown is right for you.

For all your cerec restorations needs, call our office at 713-668-9119 or email info@contemporary-dental.com.